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2nd-Aug-2012 04:43 pm - Michael - Center Stage
Wayward Son
 I hope that this is allowed, and if not, I apologize and I will remove as soon as notified.  I loved this series and it's "uniqueness" and miss it terribly and was very happy to see that there is a following and that there has been many wonderful stories written.  I have, however, found that the main focus of most stories is always Billy (don't get me wrong...completely "love" him) and often times it's Billy and Rick.  Well, I tend to have a soft spot for Michael (or perhaps it's Eric Close (from the days of Now and Again and Magnificent Seven), so I am wondering if anyone can recommend stories that feature or focus on Michael.  (Michael/Billy is perfectly acceptable too!)  Thank you in advance and again, if this post is inappropriate for this Comm, I will delete it.

Thank  you
Rick likes podfic (CHAOS)

Title: A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of Every Brave Man
Author: starrylizard
Reader: podlizzie
Fandom: Chaos
Summary: Stuck in a less than nice situation, Billy tries to keep Martinez’ spirits up.
Rating: PG, Gen, h/c
Length: 0:9:38

Links: @ my LJ HERE
I thought others here might be happy to hear, if they haven't already that both Eric Close and James Murray have pilots in the works for fall.  

Eric is set to star in the ABC pilot, 'Nashville'.
W/EP: Callie Khouri (Thelma & Louise)
DIR/EP: RJ Cutler (The September Issue)
CAST: Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen, Powers Boothe, Hayden Panettiere, Jonathan Jackson, Eric Close, Connie Britton
A family soap set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene that follows one star at her peak and one on the rise.

I'm pretty sure Eric and Connie are playing husband and wife!  I SOOOO APPROVE!!!!!!

James is set to star in the NBC pilot, 'Beautiful People'
W/EP: Michael McDonald
EP: Robert M. Sertner
Co-EP: Kate Garwood
D/EP: Stephen Hopkins
CAST: Frances Conroy (American Horror Story), James Murray, Patrick Heusinger, Andrea Parker, Jud Tylor, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Madisen Beaty, Cody Christian, Ernie Hudson, David Conrad, Tovah Feldshuh
An imaginative and thematically rich ensemble “what if” drama set 10 minutes in the future where families of mechanical human beings exist to service the human population — that is until some of the mechanicals begin to “awaken.”
Murray will play an attorney who fights for the ‘droids rights, while Heusinger will play a “Mechanical” servant struggling with human emotions.

If I'm not mistaken, James' character is also the son of Francis Conroy's character.  Again, I SOOOOOO APPROVE!!!!!!!

All info gleaned from tvline.com cause I am a proud Aushole!!!!!!!

19th-Nov-2011 12:38 pm - Icons!
NT - Intelligence Riley
I made 17 Trope icons including these ones of the Chaos guys for the tvrealm challenge 2x24: Troperville. The rest are in other fandoms, but they're over HERE if you're interested. :)

Sharp Dressed Man
"Clothes make the man" is this guy's motto. A three-piece-suit is the usual embodiment of this trope, but more imaginative outfits can qualify as well.

The men of Chaos qualify for this one quite nicely! :D
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket
19th-Nov-2011 12:22 pm - Fic: Dance (gen, PG, humour)
T - :O Freaking out! (Chaos Rick)
Title: Dance
Fandom: Chaos
Author: starrylizard
Rating: Gen, PG, humour
Word count: 854
Summary: Rick sighed and got back into his designated start position as the small prince pointed the remote at the television and the Zumba DVD started to roll yet again.
Notes: Written for tvrealm challenge Dance party.

Posted to my LJ HERE
30th-Oct-2011 05:54 pm - James Murray Q&A....
James Murray graciously answered fangirl questions.  You can see the Q&A here.
23rd-Oct-2011 10:28 pm - Chaos and the Three Musketeers
As a long time fan of the novel (I was reading the dang book when it was actually bigger than me. It's ridiculous.) the early comparisons of CHAOS to an updated The Three Musketeers tale was a major contributing factor to my tuning in to the show.  So, go figure, when the movie The Three Musketeers came out this weekend, I HAD TO GO SEE IT.  And I did.  And I honestly, surprisingly, was not disappointed.  I kinda love that movie as a reboot. 

But I kept having CHAOS flashbacks.  Major flashbacks.  There are such similarities to the way the movie handled the characters' personalities and the way CHAOS did.  The stories were obviously different, the settings handled differently, but there were still similarities in other aspects.

So... Did anyone else see the movie?  Anybody else have opinions on the movie compared to the show?  Am I totally alone in my addiction to CHAOS that I'm seeing stuff Rick did/said in the stuff that came from the movie's little pipsqueak D'Artagnan? 

Also, on the show, Rick totally should have challenged Michael and Billy to a duel.  (Not so much Casey tho, 'cause he woulda had his ass handed to him.)

(As soon as I can get my hands on digital copies of the movie,--January?-- I am SO MAKING A COMPARISON VID!!! )
1st-Oct-2011 09:03 pm - sequence of Chaos icons
NT - Chaos Michael & Billy desert
Made for Challenge 204 - animation or sequence @ tvrealm.

1. Photobucket 2. Photobucket 3. Photobucket

full sequence, extras and an animated icon here
1st-Oct-2011 07:43 pm - Vid: Sprint (Chaos)
NT - glasses Michael (Chaos: Eric Close)

Title: Sprint
Fandom: Chaos (episode-specific: 105 - Mole)
Vidder: starrylizard
Music: Looseless by Juzhin
Prompt: Word prompt: Sprint for my TV Realm Bigbang
Summary: Michael sprints to save his team-mate's life.
Notes: I always wanted to write a small fic about what's going on in Michael's head while he's running, but when I saw the prompt I decided to try a vid instead. Fic likely to follow. Thanks to ash48 for looking at several versions of this. I was indecisive about everything, but in the end I've gone with a very simple version.
File: wmv, 22.3mb, 2:02
Links: Streaming and download links available HERE
20th-Sep-2011 08:56 pm - Fic: Spooks (masterpost)
Title:  Spooks
Summary:  When the activities of certain disruptive "hunters" come to the attention of the ODS, Chaos ensues.
Author: [info]urbanmuzes

Show: Chaos, Supernatural
Characters: Chaos = Rick, Casey, Billy and Michael  - Supernatural = Bobby, Dean, Sam

Rating: PG
Genre: Gen

Spoilers: General show references for both.  Specific season 6 spoilers for SPN in part 13.

Status: Complete
Chapters: 20
Length: ~28,446 words
Because it turned out to be monsterous in size, this is entirely
unbeta'd aside from author's revisions.  Apologies in advance. o:} 
  ~ Part 1 Part 2  ~  Part 3  ~  Part 4  ~  Part 5 ~
~ Part 6  ~   Part 7  ~  Part 8  ~  Part 9  ~   Part 10 ~
   ~ Part 11  ~  Part 12  ~  Part 13  ~  Part 14  ~  Part 15 ~
~ Part 16  ~   Part 17  ~  Part 18  ~  Part 19  ~   Part 20 ~

Disclaimer:  UrbanMuzes owns nothing and means no harm, this is merely a fan homage to two great shows.
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