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17th-Sep-2011 09:16 pm(no subject)
NT - glasses Michael (Chaos: Eric Close)
I'm not involved in this in any way, but it looks like something Chaos fic-writers might be interested in. :)

A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!
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NT - Chaos Michael & Billy desert
Title: A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.
Author: starrylizard
Fandom: Chaos
Rating/genre: PG, Gen, h/c
Spoilers: Nothing specific
Word count: ~1500
Summary: Stuck in a less than nice situation, Billy tries to keep Martinez’ spirits up.
Notes: Thanks to rinkle for the quick grammar beta. She hasn’t seen the show, so any mistakes are totally mine. Thanks also to lukadreaming and faye_dartmouth for poking my muse into action. This came out of a conglomeration of the prompts you sent my way. I haven't written anything in a while, so I'm a bit rusty. Any constructive comment is welcome. :)

Another frosty bucket of water rained down through the grate in the ceiling, followed by a few taunts and jeers in Russian.
13th-Sep-2011 07:12 am - 32 James-centric Icons
billy content
More random James icons, but this set actually does include a few from Chaos (including one Rick icon).


The rest are HERE.
10th-Sep-2011 06:37 pm - Fic prompts
NT - Chaos Michael & Billy desert
Hey guys! You're always so helpful over here.

I have been reading all the great Chaos fic and I was hoping to get in on the act, but I'm unsure where to start. So I thought maybe we could start a little prompt meme-sort of thing.

If anyone has any prompts, anything (fitting the comm rules) from words or phrases to images or plotty ideas, for a Chaos fic or drabbles, just drop it in the comments. You'd be hopefully helping me out and, who knows, someone else may get inspired too and then we'll have more Chaos fic and there can never be too much Chaos fic, right?

Drop your fic prompts in the comments. Go! :)

(Posted with mod permission.)
9th-Sep-2011 11:34 pm - Vid: James Murray is James Bond
NT - Chaos - Billy is charming
Title: James Murray is James Bond
Vidder: starrylizard
Footage: Mercedes-Benz ad and Chaos
Music: The Name's Bond...James Bond by Nicholas Dodd
Summary: Inspired by the WTF?-ness of the Mercedes-Benz advertisement starring James Murray. You know, the one where the road gets turned on by the car... I wish I were kidding. Trippy-weird ad that it is, James Murray is looking gorgeous in it, so this is a little fan vid using the pretty footage to make James look cool again to my mind's eye, because what is cooler than James Bond? Hope you enjoy it. :)
File: wmv, 1:34, 12.7mb

Find download and streaming links here @ my LJ
4th-Sep-2011 10:13 pm - Vid: Meet the O.D.S
NT - glasses Michael (Chaos: Eric Close)
Title: Meet the O.D.S.
Vidder: starrylizard
Fandom: Chaos
Music: Os Quindins de Ya Ya by Stanley Black
Summary Meet the O.D.S. Last of the old school spies. A fun introduction to Chaos and it's characters.
File: wmv, 2:03, 22.3mb
Links: Streaming and download links available here at my LJ

17th-Aug-2011 08:50 pm - 28 James Murray related icons
billy likes
So there's not actually any Chaos in this set, but there is a lot of James Murray :)


The rest are here.
Chaos: Agents
I'm pretty sure everyone knows this by now but I'm posting it anyway: Eric Close is guest starring on Suits 1x09 'Undefeated' (airdate: 18 August) as Travis Tilden. Seriously, Eric on Suits? I'm so excited. >:D

Two pictures of Travis and Harvey from SpoilerTVCollapse )


I've found out the other day there's CHAOS community on DreamWidth: [community profile] chaos_tv. Some interesting posts over there, so go take a look and join the fun. :D


Lastly... I finally got my sh*t together and organised 1x13 screencaps. So sorry it took this long! Dl links and some samples under the cut.

1x13 Proof of Life screencapsCollapse )
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